Question for the board members: If the SHTF, what food items are you stocking up on for a 3-6 month disruption in supply chains?


Try washable metal mesh furnace filters. Easy to clean and if your paper filters run around $10 they will pay for them selves in 3-4 changes and they last essentially forever. Sounds like you're in good shape as long as you have power.
Good tip!

If any good with metal fabrication, can make own reusable furnace filter frames out of aluminum or sheet metal. Many washable open pore fabrics and foam can be used for filter materials. Just make sure to construct filter assembly so blower or fan doesn't suck filter medium used into furnace/HVAC system.

Are also washable, reusable and scissor cut to size filters available like stiff fibrous "Hogshair" filters. As a side note: The Hogshair filters need no frame. Simply cut to size and use.


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This thread reminded me of a series my wife and i watched titled "Daily Bread." It was about a solar flare EMP that knocked out all electronics, including modern vehicles. We binged watched it. It is only a TV show, but it is amazing how quickly people revert to animals, and based on what we saw during Katrina, I believe it is pretty accurate. I recommend it if you have time.