Ramshot LRT powder


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I found a place that has a bunch of Ramshot LRT. Anyone ever tried it with a .338 Lapua and, if so, what were your results?
I do have some lrt, but haven't used any yet on either 264wm, 300wm and/or 338lm. LRT works best with the top 2 bullet weights in large case magnums. Most will be compressed loads.
If you find RL33 it's a good option, but harder too find. It'll give you more flexibility, but not much more? US869 isn't much help? Ramshot Magnum works well across the board.
On Barnes site it's mostly Magnum, Retumbo and US869 on top performers.


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250SMK 3.680"
LRT 103.4 (max pressure)
V24N41 102.0 (max)
Magnum 93.7 (max)
7828SSC 87.1 (max)
Magpro 91.5 (max)

I've read from others that 33 is very dirty and lots of carbon ffoulig. I haven't heard anything yet about LRT issues. Hopefully it's good, because I have 10# of it. LRT and 33 work better on the 270+ grains (less compression). Lighter than 270 it can get 8-14% compressed at max pressure, but give you the higher velocity. 869 needs the 285 and up for better results.