Red-Dot Sights: Points to Ponder

David N.

Founding Member
During my trip to the range last weekend, I experimented shooting my OSP in different scenarios to test accuracy. Note. I've never practiced these before.

First, I started off with the optic powered down to simulate a device failure without back up irons. I was able to place all the shots inside my outstretched hand at 7 yards in semi-rapid succession (rapid-fire is not allowed). I used the sight housing as an aiming device and placed the top of the housing at shoulder level on the silouette.

Next, I tried headshots at 15 yards in semi-rapid succession with all shots inside the shaded area. I followed this up by running my target to the back wall (I assume 25 yards) and repeated with the same results.

This is all easy to do when no one is shooting back, but it does give me confidence that the equipment can make the shots if needed.


I remember my high school days (somewhat) Class of 75, but I digress. I saw advertising in American Rifleman and other such pubs a red dot for shot guns. I swear it was Aimpiont. I poo-pood it as a gimmick when I should have bought stock.

At 65 I've got a whole pocket of should haves. LOL