Reloading coated bullets 9mm Luger/9x19mm


Has anyone had experience with loading the ACME brand of coated bullets ? I am looking for info on their 115 Gr RN-NLG coated bullet. The only published load data I found was from Alliant Powder. They listed one powder Sport Pistol; with a 4.7 gr charge weight , FED 100 primer, at a minimum OAL of 1.12 ". Some other forums on reloading indicate that COL of 1.12 may be too long with that bullet. I am looking for data on other powders with both a starting charge through a max charge.
I've loaded a couple tens of thousands HiTek coated 9mm, mainly 125gr.
Always used fmj data, never had any problems and exceptional performance at distance.
I prefer the 125gr hardcast HiTek coated from SNS casting.
Buy by the 3,700 case, try to order 10,000 projectiles of various calibers at a time for even more discount.
They do a super job of packaging, not even the USPS could damage the shipment.
I reload for IDPA competitions so I load light myself. I use blue bullets polymer coated 125-grain bullets oal of 1.11, I load 3.5 grains of bullseye they run at 1040fps which is above the 125,000 min power factor needed for IDPA. I have loaded upto 4.0 grains of bullseye and they also worked great. blue bullets are 243 dollars for 3600 of 125 grain. free shipping.