RemArms in Hot Water with United Mine Workers of America Union.

I'm thinking that you should look in the mirror.

Like anything else, there are good and bad. I've been in a couple of unions and they were great. Not antagonistic. Labor & management worked together to create superior products in a timely & profitable manner.

As other's have stated reading is fundamental, and my point had nothing to do with unions.

So, since you're new you might want to try and understand the dynamics on this forum vs. jumping into something you don't understand,...yet.
@David N. ,Franklin Armory Holding bought Bushmaster. I bought a Bushmaster XM-15 ORC in 2012 and it functions flawlessly and is extremely accurate. Below is a link of all the old Remington assets and who acquired them, and a link to Franklin Armory who also makes binary triggers that I may be interested in before any ATF involvement.

I have no doubt it wouldn't be perfect in that time frame. It was probably still made at the Windham Maine facility that freedom group shut down at the end of March 2011. All the former Bushmaster employees and owners were let go and formed Windham Weaponry. I have a Windham weaponry AR-15. It runs flawlessly and is extremely accurate! By the way, those binary triggers are the bomb!