Review: Colt Cobra

Had one; a Night Cobra...looked really nice, liked the G10 grip, and had one of the shortest DAO triggers I’ve ever felt in a revolver...but had abysmal accuracy. Multiple shooters, multiple loads, rested, offhand...at 7 yards it would give a 4-5” pattern...not a group.

I could have gone straight to Colt, but I was offered a trade on it from someone who collects more than shoots, said he didn’t care about the accuracy issue.

As I’ve said earlier...I’ve been very disappointed with new Colts for the past several years; from AR’s with loose barrel nuts, to subpar accuracy and poor fitting in 1911’s...I’d be hard pressed to consider a new Colt as of late.

Which stinks, because I really do love the brand.
I got one a short while back, made a post in Guns,

Mine shot ok, it didn’t like the PMC 132gr fmc ammo, Magtech was ok.

I think I tried 130gr FMJ from multiple sources, 125gr JHP’s (standard and +P from Fiocchi, Remington, and Federal), 135+P JHP (Gold Dots & PDX1), 140gr wadcutters (handload) and 158gr SWC and +P SWCHP (handloads and Federal or Winchester, respectively). I might have even tried some 110gr JHP’s, Hornady CD...nothing grouped.

Couldn’t see any strikes on the forcing cone showing it was out of time, didn’t see any dings in the crown or rifling...don’t know why it shot like :poop:, it just did.
That happens a lot, not just with Colt, had a Ruger Redhawk back in the late 80’s, couldn’t hit a thing, upon inspection, no forcing cone, no rifling......missed that whole step in production I guess, Ruger made it right though, still can’t figure how it made it out of factory....🤔