Review FN-509 Compact

Thanks for the link Anni. I already had the FN FNS-9 Compact and I recent bought the FN 509 MRD Compact mentioned in the article while additionally ordering the Trijicon SRO to place on it. Still searching for holster that will fit both pistol and optic in the compact format. I'll have to check out the holsters mentioned in the article perhaps as an option.
I have a buddy with an FN .45 10round . Love how it shoots.
I thought a 509 would be a good purchase.
Boy, I hated the trigger on the FN509.
Ton of play, and really bad slack issue on 4 models I shot of the 509 from the base to the Tac model. Garbage.
I’m an FN fan as well as I have a Hi Power, Scar and FN fal. Hated the 509

I will edit my post: garbage is harsh. Referring to trigger.
Severely disappointed would be better term. I was so hoping it would live up to the other FN pistols I shot, and it didnt. Bummed me out.
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