Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is still at it


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Beto O'Rourke stands by infamous pledge to 'take' guns from Americans if elected Texas governor


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I hope Texans are smart with there upcoming election for Governor
Alot of Texans were disenfranchised with Abbott and he was not polling well, UNTIL Beto announced his intention to run, all of the sudden Abbott shot up in the polls quite a bit.

I think it will be closer than most would like to see simply because of all the west coasters moving here in droves, but I do not see Beto winning. And law enforcement certainly isn't going to dare to go house to house trying to take people's firearms.


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Richard is too polarizing left on guns.
Zero compromise.
Folks dont like zero compromise.
“I will take away” doesnt sit well with folks regardless of the subject.
With the amount of folks in Texas that own firearms, this alone will defeat him.
He’ll get the big city feel good vote and thats it. He’ll lose out like he did to Cruz


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Beto still doesn't realize how many voters he alienated by calling for gun confiscation. Every time he runs for office, I hope that Whataburger sues him for trademark infringement.


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