Not engine related, but firearms instead. Going back to the 1stWW and till now on rounds per minutes have changed or close to. While it's good for cover fire how effective is it for HOT (hits on target)? Distance plays a part in the equation of course along with stability it's being fire from. From a training video showing troops the mg42/43 vs the m2 and the 1917/18/19's and HOT difference. While the mg42/43 has an incredible RPM/FOF it was a spray and pray moment. Are full autos (SFA's ;) ) really a good deal other that just fun to shoot? Recoil management or the lack of recoil in that firearm will surely increase HOT for sure. BUT are they really necessary for the military on ground troops (vehicle mounted excluded)? Depletion of rounds can be costly when you're out of ammo and a long way from nowhere and without support. Either burst or slower RPM/ROF would/could be a better choice, but then again it's not my A$$ on the line.

Belt Fed

Well, probably the best to answer this is a combat vet that has seen action. I could be completely wrong, but if i'm being overun by an enemy, i'm gonna want a few belt feds.

Now as for civilian they are just for fun, i didn't buy them to use as a defensive or offensive weapon. they were purchased as shooters to just have fun with. back then we had a club and we shot each others guns. i got to shoot guns i never would have. it was a lotta fun.

Ammo was a lot cheaper in those days, the SMG's are not too bad to fire now as the ammo is not bad priced. 5.56 is not too bad either, but the big belted 30-06 and 8mm is way too high to go burn.

The MG42 is a buzzsaw. it's really fast, my MG34 fires about 900 rpm. the mac10 shoots 45 auto at about the same speed as the 42. dumps a 30 round mag in over 2 seconds.

Now if needed i guess they could be an asset to an individual, with that said i don't have one loaded, although i do have ar mags loaded. it wouldn't take much to get them ready.