Rumble in the Jungle: American Tanks in Vietnam

Served with the 3rd Squadron 5th Cavalry, 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam. I was there from February 1968 to February 1969. As soon as I arrived, about 5 February 1968, three Troops of the 3rd 5th Cav, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Troops, were moved north, by way of Da Nang, to the area around Hue. Alpha Troop was attached to the Marines at Hue. I do not believe they ever entered the city. Bravo and Charlie Troops operated with the Marines in I Corp. As a member of Charlie Troop, most of my time was in the area around Quang Tri, Phu Bia, Cau Viet and Dong Ha. Each Troop was made up of 3 Platoons. Each Platoon consisted of 3 M48A3 tanks and 6 M113 ACAVs. This represented a substantial amount of fire power which could move quickly, on the roads or through the jungle, to respond to any need.
In the early to mid-70s as a cadet would meet 3/5 Cav troopers at Fort Lewis when they moved the 9th ID there. They were very professional and proud bunch IMO.