Server Maintenance

If everyone ran the tracert and posted their results it could help narrow down where the bottle neck is happening. With my posting and what @Annihilator posted I can see the so far we only have 3 common hops at the very end and he has a longer time than I had in mine. This data could help Louis and team to determine if it is their end or between.

I have a background in networking and do desktop analyst and security with some work in the overall cyber security.
When I was still working doing distributed security and a slowdown occurred either in the distributed (server), or mainframe (large IBM computers) environments, users would always report it as a "Siteminder" problem :mad:(even though Siteminder was a distributed security/authentication product that sat behind the DMZ firewall). It got to the point where ANY problem was a "Siteminder" problem & the upper Management started to believe it🤬. This put extreme stress and pressure on me and my team then having to prove each of these false accusations wrong (like trying to explain that the Mainframe environment (when a problem occurred there), wasn't even handled by Siteminder, as it was a Distributed security product :mad:). God I'm glad I'm retired :). But I digress. Below is output of msdos tracert command:

Tracing route to thearmorylife.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 8 ms 2 ms 1 ms xxxxxxn [nnn.nnn.n.n] *My Router name and IP masked out by me*
2 19 ms 8 ms 9 ms
3 10 ms 12 ms 10 ms
4 19 ms 35 ms 20 ms gateway-be6-dc112pnt2.dc11.ptd.net []
5 * * * Request timed out.
6 * * 48 ms ae-1-11.bear1.Washington111.Level3.net []
7 84 ms 23 ms 22 ms
8 20 ms 28 ms 20 ms e3.1.cr02.iad01.mtsvc.net []
9 19 ms 24 ms 20 ms e1.4.as02.iad01.mtsvc.net []
10 20 ms 23 ms 19 ms vzs324.mediatemple.net []
11 32 ms 27 ms 17 ms thearmorylife.com []

Trace complete.

I changed to root c:\ and directed tracert to a file ("cd c:\" then "tracert thearmorylife.com > trace.dat"). I used Windows file explorer and opened the file using notepad, and masked out my router name and IP address. I ran this command under my Window 7 desktop computer, and ran the traced several times (only including the last tracert run, since I forgot the operand to modify rather than to over write, the file (operand to append to filename is >> instead of just 1 > to the filename. i.e. "tracert thearmorylife.com >> trace.dat" or whatever filename you select), with time outs almost always at #5 and once both #5 & #6. I've not really experienced any slowdowns. But perhaps it is a "Sitemider" problem 😁😆🤣😇
Has to be something in the hops that is common ONLY to TAL and nothing else of the multitude of sites I use.
Nothing, not banking, shopping or social has one bit of slow down or hang up.
TAL on the other hand has become almost unusable when refresh time is involved.
Round and round it goes...… been a long time since I have experienced this issue.
I'll see what I can do so that I am less of the problem and more of the solution.

Here's my contribution:
TAL Trace.jpg