Should You Display Your Collectible Firearms?

I practice different levels of OPSEC depending on who I'm dealing with. I try really hard to keep my private life private. People I don’t know well don’t need to know the details of my life; there just isn’t any reason for it.

I don't advertise my gun ownership to the general public on any level. When I first joined the NRA I wore that hat everywhere and I noticed that it drew a lot more attention than I'm comfortable with so I quit wearing it. I make it a habit not to wear clothing with logos of any kind (except a couple of hats that say Alaska or Estes Park). Nothing political or firearms related and no bumper stickers on my car. I don’t give strangers any reason to assume I might be armed.

I'm careful about who I let know that I own guns even among my friends. I've learned the hard way that it really only takes one wrong person to find out and the information is out there.

I've told this story before but I had a "friend" who found out I had a permit because he "Made" me. He then proceeded to tell everyone he knew even after I asked him to keep his mouth shut because he thought it was "cool" . I ended up having to drop him because he wouldn't shut up about it.
I won’t even wear t shirts , hoodies , hats with name of firearms on it.
I does

With the amount of guns stolen from homes and cars, I would wager almost all of those cars or homes didnt have stickers or any firearm related visuals
word of mouth perhaps..??

talking to neighbors, people walking on by listening, maybe seeing people walk out of the house with a gun/rifle bag..??

maybe watching the neighborhood for deliveries, walking up to that front porch and just reading the labels?

leaving USB charging cables visible on the front seat, GPS on the windshield...anything that there is something inside?

leaving doors unlocked?

or just dumb luck on the criminals side to find them..??