Sig-Sauer Expands the Legion Series with the P220 Legion 10mm

I am a Sig fanatic and own half a dozen models. None of them are cheap.

i say this truthfully, and not because we are on a Springfield site.

My Springfields are every bit outstanding firearms as my Sigs.

brunette vs blonde

both are awesome for different reasons.

My springfield 1911 shoots as well or better than my Legion 220.

Every maker of every product has something they do extremely well, and some they dont.
Firearms are no different.
I respect Sig and Springfield.
god bless them both !!!!
I can't lie i've secretly had a crush on the Sig P320 for some time now but shh don't tell SA.
Sig P320.jpeg
I’ve got a W.German P220, a Mk25/P226R, a Swiss Polizei P228, a 9mm 229 w/a spare RX slide, a .40/.357 P229, and a P238.

I’ve had a 320 in .45, a 9mm 2022, and a P250. Also had a P226 SAS in the original two-tone, wood grips, DAK configuration...which I kinda wish I’d kept.

I’ll probably get a M17 to keep the Gov’t marked Colt 1911 and the M9 company...and I definitely want to try a P229SAO.
I keep wanting too buy it, but can't get past 8 round capacity! 1911 knockoff for the worst for the 7-8 rounds! 10 might get me there? 12 would definitely get me too buy!!!!!:love: I have 1 sig in a 357 and it's a good 1 for sure! KL's looks good! What's your dot size KL? I know it'sView attachment 4002
The picture I posted is the one I found online that has me wanting the P320. I’ve also found one at my LGS that is similar without RDS that I want.