Smith&Wesson Lawsuit Reveals Stealth Attack Against Gun Industry


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Smith & Wesson fight back against the New Jersey AG.



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I have no clue where S&W has been, 'cause there ain't no stealth attack on the gun industry in the totalitarian state of California. It's been for a very long time a blatant, all-out phalanx attack on everything related to Amendment II of the United States Constitution, and We the People have suffered defeat at every challenge to unconstitutional laws.


It wasn't Hillary it was Bill. And the backlash was immediate and harsh. If I recall correctly they were owned by some British people at that point. They were sold shortly thereafter and were quick to back pedal. It was some gun safety measure the dems were trying to get all the manufacturers to sign on to. And it was quite awhile ago. Sometime in the 90s.