Solo Caribou Hunting in Alaska

Congrats Bridget, long time since you've posted an article on here. Nonetheless, it was worth the wait with such a great hunting story, and we hope to hear about more adventures in the future.
Sorry to hear about your past accident. My guess it happened to you in New Jersey with the way some people drive around here. Not sure if you were still in this area at that time, but I'm glad you recovered nicely, and you're living your life to the fullest.
Continued good luck.
Bridget I had wondered where you had disappeared from. I had enjoyed your writing about Utah and am sorry to hear about your accident but glad that you are ok. I am also glad you got your Caribou. What a hunt! You are truly living the dream. Been thinking about getting an XDm in 10mm for black bear hunting in Northern Idaho with my grandsons. Stay safe, and hope to read more of your experiences.