Springfield 1911 TRP vs. Springfield 1911 Operator

Thanks for posting, as someone who owns an operator, I do love that 1911. However, as someone who has always wanted a trp, I still want a trp lol. I still read up on the trp, even though I’ve read it all before. I still go on and check it out and check prices online. I do prefer the simplicity of the GI system though. Not to mention, I wanted a rail and am not a huge fan of the full length rail look. So as incredible as my operator is, I think if I had boughten a trp, I wouldn’t be pining for an operator. I think this is good example of buy once cry once lol. Again love my operator, no complaints, shoots insanely well, got it well under msrp, Very happy with it, but for me for some silly reason or another, I want a trp. Someday, I will make it happen lol.
If I was only going to own one Springfield 1911 (aside from going full Custom shop), it would be my TRP, no question. Luckily, that's not a question I need to concern myself with.

TRP - VZ.jpeg