Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec Air Pistol Review

VERY accurate review, both written and video. I've had one of these for almost two years now; I have about a dozen airguns now and the 1911 Mil-Spec is far and away my favorite CO2/BB pistol. The replication is absolutely amazing, and recoil is not far from a Ciener-converted .22LR 1911. I'm thinking about buying another one of them just for backup while Taiwan is still free. My rating: Very Most Way Snakeworthy! ;) (y):D

the reviewer says you get about 65 shots per CO2 filter (cartridge, maybe?). how much is each cartridge? that might get pricey for backyard/basement plinking.
I'm getting 60 good shots per cartridge out of mine--3 full 18 round mags and then another 6.

I just checked the price of CO2 at Walmart this morning--less than $18 for a box of 40, that's .45 cents per cartridge, or about 3/4 of a cent per shot. If you know of anything else you can shoot for under a penny a round these days, I'm all ears. ;)
Gee, I hope Springfield doesn't decide to mark the safety on the Mil-Spec .45 with S & F!
They don't. I've thought about trying to wipe all that white junk off my gun with some kind of thinner, but it's not really hurting anything, so I've just left it alone.

Some of these replica guns are even worse with the graffiti, if you can believe it.