Springfield Armory XD .40 Service Model Review

Nice Review... been a fan of the .40 Springfield XD's from back in 2000 when our department finally allowed other calibers besides 9mm... went to the gun store and bought 3 XD .40's that day... 5 inch tactical,(duty carry), 4in, (go bag), and a 3in, (ankle). Been using/shooting them without a jam since. And never went back to 9mm.


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I loved the XD Mod.2 series, so I figured I'd check out the XD's. The main knock I had against the .40 XD's was the magazine capacity. While the .45 ACP models had 13-round mags, and the 9mm had 16-round mags, the .40 S&W had 12-round mags. I'm not sure if I had ever seen the .45 ACP version of any pistol hold more rounds than the .40 S&W version.

I did notice that all of the basic XD models on Springfield's site are now "Low Capacity" models with 10-round magazines. I'm not sure why Springfield decided to punish residents of free states with limited capacity, but I'm assuming they have a reason. My .45 XD Mod.2 is still the most accurate polymer .45 that I have ever fired, and will always be one of my favorite pistols. I'd love to see the Mod.2 series come back, but without the "Grip Zone" text.