SpringField Watpoint 2020 6.5 PRC adjustable stock /carbon fiber

Was hoping someone can give me any information , I placed an order for this rifle and I have not heard anything. How back logged are they, When do they think they will be making more of these types of Rifles


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From what I understand they are made as ordered vs. a standard inventory rifle.

I don't know if someone makes these for SA, or if they're actually made by SA.

So, one must wait until notified.


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Thank you for the recommendation but I am looking for a Carbon Fiber barrel to keep the weight down
Have you compared the weights of various rifles in the same category? A stock can also be heavier than others and add weight.

You haven't specified what type/kind of hunting you'll be doing so weight can be a factor.

The only thorough independent review I've seen for the Waypoint is in the current issue of Rifle magazine. The author indicated it was too heavy for his hunting preferences.

The other reviews I've seen have been basically fluff pieces.

At least you have a long time before you need it for your hunt next year.


I was looking at the Savage 110 Ultralight in 6.5 prc but had some concerns about the stock, heard issues that it was not strong enouht
Interesting, have not heard that. I know that rifle is running a Proof barrel. Very nice. I am really liking what I am seeing on that straight pull Impulse. Seems like a very nice rifle.