Surprising Possible California or Other States Compliance Origins?


Compliant this or that? Here or there? Why's that? Is it simply getting a grip, muzzle device, size or magazine how or where? This is likely a bit off the wall in some ways, but maybe not? Some is observational, some is personal and other's opinion. Possibly, these articles may help explain some of the mindset, theories, theologies, thoughts, deeds and of what's behind CA, MA and a few other places compliance issues, over idealism's and restrictions with firearms and with many other things? Many things revolve around each other and connect in many times and instances. Not many things are one thing or another either.

More into the reason for the post. Someone may be surprised at some of our histories older deeds, origins and thoughts if just going by a typical education? It usually helps to continue education far past traditional schooling to understand and educate people on sometimes opposing views and including their histories, because much is repetitious throughout history and only so much can be taught many places.

Like many other things and views, not much is always 100% in history and sometimes education depending on varying viewpoints, but the information gleaned over the years elsewhere generally helps others to at least understand beliefs and why so as to repeat the history or not at a later date.

Because of our countries various educational systems, much is ingrained into peoples lives or ways of life they may not be aware of or understand sometimes? Sometimes, things are missing and overlooked too? Good or not? Right or wrong? It's not always usually so simple or cut and dried in so many times? - Most things are or meet somewhere in the middle from my experience because of peoples beliefs. For example, some Puritan beliefs was or is the reason why of our countries 1st educational requirements and mandates exist for example. Because of that system, some thoughts can be deeply embedded and some may or may not also be dependent on location, upbringing and educational systems in place throughout a particular region and many times varying throughout our country. Balanced?

Hidden beliefs? Many beliefs or things like Puritanism do not simply disappear when the name itself vanishes, those beliefs can and do linger, migrate, mutate or transform into other things, ways and beliefs effecting those around them. Victorianism is another example of another older, but later belief system that migrated into other forms effecting other people around those beliefs Victorianism, it wasn't just a style of building by the way, it was a mindset and way of life too. And, along those lines, Puritan beliefs where also considered "perfectionism" by some for good reason. - Things varied little from original concepts or they were just plainly considered wrong. There beliefs were not always welcomed by many other people. - Is partially why they turned to North America as a destination. Both systems were a complete and mostly strict way of life and view at times and not just religion or styles. Some disciplines were outright cruel. Some other systems still are as well. But, some have the option to opt out or leave. Maybe why religion and state are supposed to be separate entities in the USA?

Farfetched or not? Where's this going and why? A current example explaining this most of us should be able to relate to: In some simple opinions, rifles need to be rifles or firearms need to be firearms in a certain way as seen by certain people in a certain place. Single shot or none at all is another example. - Very basic or none at all. That means nothing differing from an original concept of whatever, firearms or most anything else, may be in some peoples minds, views or possible illusions because of what? A faulty educational system or not? It may or may not be as simple as getting a grip or a magazine or not in some places because of what then? Basically, in that way of thought, certain things need to be certain ways to some points of view or they're shunned and or possibly destroyed no matter what happens in return. Blindered "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" attitude? Sound familiar?

The dangers? Because of that mostly solitary Puritanical view, newness, originality and improvement can stagnate many things including thoughts, imaginations and deeds of other not involved in other places? But, at the same time, this sometimes shallow mindset may also help explain why some people feel the way they do in CA and in other places like MA about what's compliant or not and why? Sometimes ignorant narrow mindedness may also help explain some of it too?

It's sometimes seen in not always as an outright dangerous or harmful way, but some people do not except change very well while others do may come to mind because of their upbringing or other forces in their past? Isn't usually too difficult to see in daily life at many times. Much still flourishes in more recent history. Like as in the dictatorial narrow minded statement may convey "My way or the highway" can be? Or, another example of Henry Fords statement, "You can have any color you want as long as it's black." Or, in later years with other vehicles? Light colored vehicles are only for and belong in warmer climates and darker ones are only for cooler climates according to some of the past's vehicle manufacturers thoughts. (That goes back a few years before A/C.) So then, at times because of that narrow mindset, no improvements and no imagination is allowed, just stagnation? Thankfully for us all, much of that mindset in that multicolored direction and sometimes brainwashing has dissolved.

Just generally thinking about it, just how much of this type or another similar mindset is still around society now and what are the effects of it and why? Are those narrow views seen and felt in positive, negative ways or leave room for improvement for the majority of people? Am thinking some of us do not fully realize how much of the past effects us in every day life, in our thoughts, in one way or another through some form of action, duty, law or restriction and how old their origins are and why.

More sometimes Puritanical societal effects and results to keep in mind? Many rules of thumb of many things, including basic safety are or used to be considered norms that most people agree to and abide by before any law or regulation is or was ever enacted. Many rules of thumb about so many varied day to day things or practices are and or were taught outside the classroom by parents or other family members by example. - What if when those people or family members are missing or don't teach those lessons for some reason? What am leading up to, if and when those views or rules are deviated by too many people in too many places those views / rules / regulations can then become laws or restrictions to put those views back in place. Formal schooling can only teach so much and in which direction? Where did all the family participation and upbringing go to sometimes? Thankfully, it's not all vanished, but it isn't as widespread as it used to be either.

Then, if those views, rules, regulations and thoughts are biased, single sided or distorted by something or someone not well rounded, what then? Possibly, better more rounded educational systems are needed? Is partially why believe we should mandate teaching elective firearms safety and use in schools and is guaranteed to be available when needed or desired. Also, if firearms education's guaranteed to be there when desired and not pushed into those who don't desire it at the time, they may elect to do so at a later date. Possibly teach at community colleges for teens and older folks too? Family members or friends can or could at times either reinforce more formal education or almost completely teach other members about safety and other basics. That's usually a good thing when families are available and it promotes togetherness and friendship. Requirements should not be mandated just guaranteed.

Options are nice to have, especially when they're supposedly guaranteed rights. But, not enforced very well at times helps who and what to be united? When certain sections of the country have fewer rights or options than the rest, what's wrong with that picture? That's not really the right procedure in a country in my opinion that's supposedly founded or bound on the ideology and concept of "united states" in my book by any means can think of at the moment. United only when it's convenient is what then? Not actually united at all, right? Where's that equality now where it was in the past? One thing usually revolves around another and then another. Guessing it's the Puritanism roller coaster showing up sometimes in certain places and sometimes not?

These articles below may help to explain the why's with some of the Puritan and Victorian history, logic and views:



Finally sat and read this. There is a ton there to ponder, very good post, thank you.

Thanks Sld1959 , you're welcome. It sure is and may explain many current things and issues.
Thought long about even posting info, but every article reflects on the other and likely has much to do with how many people think about certain things now days and their attitude towards those things that they may or may not even be aware of at times. Most times, I try to be fairly vague and purposely generalize so other people can think and form their own conclusions, thoughts and opinions from whatever article's posted. And, sometimes not, to get a point across on how some things can connect and effect other things. This article was some of the latter to try and connect some dots.
The thread looked promising although going into greater detail would have helped.

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