T-90 MBT: Russian Powerhouse or Pure Propaganda?

It is JUNK. Any tank that does not have it's ammo in a bustle is obsolete. Even M1's would have a very slim chance of surviving a top hit but at least some of the crew MIGHT survive. With Russian tanks though you might as well open the hatch and pour two cups of molten steel into it. When it hits case of ANY given round its game over. The fact that the ammo is stored in a 360 circle ensures that no matter which way an enemy rounds plasma jet enters it is guaranteed to set something off.
It may be junk, but what a--hole commander sends three poor schmucks out in a T-90 all by themselves in an open field with no ADA, artillery support, etc? The situation over there will not be resolved until one side or the other works from top down starting with drones and dominates the recon and surveillance battle.
Forgot to add the seats welded to the top of the Indian T-90 may, I stress may be for tank commander instructors (TCI) who evaluate the crew during training. At the training base some of our tanks had a similar arrangement. I did notice the two soldiers sitting in the seats wore some kind of black ball cap with symbols I couldn't make out, but our TCIs frequently wore black caps. Could be just a coincidence.