The .44 Magnum

Wish Ruger made this again.
I bought mine new but there are still a few used ones available from time to time, some in almost new condition. Other than .22s this is my single most used hunting rifle. If you want one, I hope you find one. If you do get one, pay attention to what ammo works best in the gun. :)

It is my gun of choice for hunting true Russian boars in the Eastern mountains. It does require accuracy if they are charging however. That gristle plate is tough and I have seen 30/30s fail to penetrate that plate. For those not confident of their skills a .444 Marlin or a 45/70 would be a better choice. Where legal, a AR -10 would also be a good choice. This is in sharp contrast to the more commonly encountered feral hogs where a .22WRM is more than enough.
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