The All New 30 Super Carry


Master Class
Curious to know what others think about this new round. It says it fills the void between the .380 and 9mm. I wasnt aware of the void but Federal Ammo thinks there is room for this round. One of the selling points is you can get up to two or three cartridges more in some guns. But I have already done that in my Hellcat with the higher capacity mags. So Im left wondering why. Seems to fill a niche that most never knew existed. So what say you my forum friends?
I wasn't doubting it, just seems it would be a little faster? The bearing surface is quit a bit more than the 22cal. I guess the 5.7x28 also runs just over 50k which was new info too me.
I’d keep in mind that 50k is MAX psi; the big boys (Federal being the biggest boy on the block) don’t like to get too close to max…makes their lawyers get…twitchy.

I’d bet that the commercial ammo isn’t over 45k.
Most never stay at or 1k under max due to chamber varients that could cause catastrophic conciquinces? No more than 45k could be correct?
45k is 10% under max.

Considering that Federal’s +P loads are just over SAAMI spec for standard pressure (in, say 9mm’s case, it’s around 35.5-36k, where 9mm max is 35k, and 9m +p max is 38.5k…)…I’ve got it in good authority their standard pressure 9mm is around 32k.
And the .357sig
.357 Sig was actually adopted by a couple of Federal Agencies—USSS and Air Marshals—as well as a number of state agencies (Texas Rangers being one of the larger of those) as well as a number of smaller departments.

.45 Gap was taken up by a couple of state agencies and smaller departments…mostly in Georgia, which has political ties to Glock.

I really like .357; you can get near magnum ballistics with doublestack capacity…but it’s got disagreeable recoil in anything besides a duty pistol.