The Chinese AK – The Most Controversial Kalashnikov Variant.


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Part 1 – The Soviet Assistance

Part 1 – The Soviet Assistance

Talyn, your post motivated me to fetch this AK from the safe and post several pictures. In 1989 I bought a dozen of these from a distributor that costs me $650 per rifle. They were all stamped Poly Tech and are semi auto. In 1986 the class 3 folks heard that these were in the pipeline headed to the U.S. A company sold the parts that would convert these to full auto. ATF ruled that the parts sets were NFA items which required a tax stamp. Many sets were sold, but in 1986 when the gov't shut off the manufacture of new machine guns many of those who had registered part sets found that they could not install these because a small block of steel inside the receiver had to be milled off so the safety could go in 3 positions which also required an extra notch to be milled on the outside of the receiver. The new law prohibited the any milling on a receiver of a gun to convert it to full auto. ATF considered this as manufacturing which was now illegal. Those who had bought the full-auto parts and paid the tax for a stamp were stuck between a rock and a hard place. ATF would not refund the $200 stamp fee and it was reported that the head of ATF said the registered part set owners could dip them in chocolate and eat them. After much to do, ATF finally agreed to allow conversations, but only on a case-by-case basis. So a converted Poly Tech is a rare bird indeed.


This one has been relegated to investment status. I have several AKs with stamped receiver that I shoot from time to time. None of them are tack drivers. In the day when ammo was cheap they were fun to shoot.
Yeah, it’s one that I kinda wish I hadn’t sold (it was right before AK’s got stupid expensive)…but it was to a buddy that collects Chicom stuff, so it went to a good home.