The EDC Merry-Go-Round

I generally change with the seasons 60 degrees here today, everyone be wearing t-shirts and tennis shoes, well cowboy boots for me.

Today something summery...

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I have 4 carry guns but only carry the Hellcat OSP. The wife carries the RDP. Both are configured the same (Red Dots and Surefire lights) We practice exclusively with our carry guns and can field strip them in the dark. We carry in our chosen holsters in the same place on our bodies 100% or the time. As a result, my wife has a half second draw from her belly band holster and I can get just under a second. Yea, I'm more of a spaz than she is. The upshot of the downdraft is the draw and present has become a an automatic muscle memory response.

My original carry S&W Shield 9 is in the car safe as a backup. The Bond Arms Bullpup is a safe queen due to its unreliability.
I am too simple minded to carry a wide variety as my every day companion. High stress can scramble your thinking and dexterity. If my EDC is out of commission for some reason I carry a pistol with the same manual of arms in its place, in a similar holster and position. I have been carrying the same SIG platfom for years and have carried a 1911 in its place when working on it. I have a number of guns that I could, and have carried in the past and am competent wth many, but if I change platforms will take a week or two to practice with it before going into the wild with it. Your pistol is like your prom date.
Saw a friend of mine at a gun show last weekend....he was carrying three different handgun boxes. We walked over the break area for a cup of coffee and to catch up....I asked about the boxes and he said he just bought the P365XL and he was trying to sell the other two handguns....

For as long as I have known this guy he has been hopelessly trapped on the EDC Merry-Go-Round. He is strongly influenced by what is posted on various gun web sites, YouTube video reviews and magazine articles. Almost every time he sees or reads a good review on something, he feels he just has to have one....I know it's his own business but normally after owning something for a few weeks or months, he is on to the next greatest thing and is trying to sell or trade the last great thing....it's an endless cycle for him...

I asked him about his EDC and he said he hardly ever carries the same pistol for more than a few days in a row. I tried to explain the virtues of narrowing it down to a few select choices, to train with and become familiar what he has chosen and stick with them but he is not having that....So I asked him to tell me what he was carrying that day and he said I'm not sure, let me look....

I for one just can't justify this...I have three pistols in my EDC rotation....I have trained with them all and am very familiar with all of them....I enjoy reading about the latest developments in an EDC, the opinions on the pistol, accessories available and all the other stuff, but would never run out and buy something based on someone else's opinion or even a review of the good, the bad and the ugly just to be able to say "hey look what I just got"....I hope I never feel I have to take a ride on the EDC Merry-Go-Round....
i personally don't get into that. i will not call it nonsense if others do, it's just not for me.

i carry my Hellcat, and although i do have a holster for my G-30, i rarely carry that, unless it's the Hellcat's day at the range (like once every 2-3 months) , that way then, i can have a "back up" at the ready

i still haven't even gotten a holster for my Ruger GP 100 yet, and may never actually get one.
I am one of those that has bought, traded, and sold 100’s of guns over the years. But they all stay with me and get used heavily for at least a year or more. I have had so many great learning experiences from so much variety I really appreciate that. There are a few I wish I never let go and now I am of the mind set to get those back when I can and keep the ones I really like the most and slow my trade cycle and keep the stable full with only the special ones. It was like a 20+ year test period and now I am making my long term choices. - However my EDC stays very consistent for a long period. One post here mentioned getting bored is good. I kind of agree but I would say it’s getting comfortable more than bored. Switching often would feel stressful consciously or subconsciously. IMO.