The Five Worst Guns Ever Owned


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The link below list what the author believes are the 5 worst guns that he's ever owned. Does anyone here own any of these, and if yes, do you concur? (I think @10mmLife has all five, and then went out and bought his "Nighthawk" Hi-Point Yeet Cannons :ROFLMAO:).
What's on your list of worst guns owned? I've been lucky so far, the closest I can list at this time is probably my Walther CCP M2 9mm, that just can't reliably fire 115 gr Blazer Brass. I won't make that a final decision, as I've read on one forum that this pistol is highly sensitive to the ammo it will eat (Blazer Brass being one that it normally doesn't like). I'll try other brands to see if I can get it to fire reliably, as it is a great "fitting in the hand", compact firearm in my opinion.



I guess I've been pretty lucky. I have only owned one gun I actually hated. That was the Ruger LCP. And I didn't hate it because it was junk or failed in some way. Let's just say it's design has zero appeal to me. I gave it away. The closest I have come to other bad guns would be a couple low budget 1911s, notably the Llama MAX II, but they weren't/aren't bad guns. Like a lot of 1911s they just needed a little work and can be finnicky if you use aftermarket crap magazines. With the original mags the Max II has never once had a failure of any kind. Even the cheap shotguns I ran through ( and I still own a few) always did their job.

Taurus Tracker in .357–shot loose/out of time in under 200 rounds.

Century G3 build, that came without an ejector.

Remington 870 20ga that had serious ejection issues (bought NIB, went back to Remington twice, got better, but never was 100% reliable).

Auto Ordnance 1911 that was a train wreck...I honestly don’t think I ever got an entire magazine through it. When it busted the barrel link, that was enough.

And a Colt LW Commander 9mm that shot patterns, not groups.


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I have only had two bad guns. The first was a Raven .25 . It shot fine , ejected fine , and never failed to load from the mag. I just didn't like that little round and the gun was a cheapy. The second was a S&W 915 9MM. At 7 yards , sitting with my hands braced on my upraised knees , the first shot would go dead center and the next two , three , or 7 even would be at least 2-3 inches to the left. I tried many different loads all with the same results.

After it was stolen , then recovered and sent to the FBI crime lab , I finally got it back and promptly traded it in on something different. :rolleyes:


#1 Walther CCP M2: I’m on board with BET7 in naming the Walther CCP M2 9mm as my worst gun. I bought it for my wife because of the supposedly soft recoil. Neither of us could hit the broad side of a barn with the CCP M2. I’m no pro, but I’ve been shooting for nearly 20 years and have never had accuracy issues like this with any other gun. It is also ammo picky, and is one of the only guns I truly regret buying.

#2 Taurus PT92: In less than 500 rounds, the magazine release has had to be replaced and the takedown lever broke in half. It has spent more time at the Taurus warranty repair facility than in my safe, and the magazine release still won’t work properly.

#3 Ruger 10/22 Charger: This gun has never fired a full 25-round magazine without jamming, and rarely makes it through a full mag with the included 15-round mag. I’ve upgraded the extractor and done every mag upgrade in the book to no avail. I love my stock 10/22’s and my Takedown model, but the Charger is a dud.


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I was wondering when the worst guns list thread would come up. Curious to see what y’all name. May I ask a favor tho? Upon naming the guns you think are the worst please give a reason why.


Upon naming the guns you think are the worst please give a reason why.

I think I'm the only one who didn't, but in my defense I did mention there were no failures. Also I think most of us understand the failings of the LCP. Way too friggin' small. No sights. Not particularly accurate. Horrible trigger. They have their place I suppose, but that place isn't on me. :)
The only real junker I've owned is the Jennings 9. There's a saying "I have a Jennings and I'm not afraid to throw it at you"!