The Flawed Thinking Behind Biden's Gun Control Bill


Great article. I can tell that the author kept it much shorter than he could have. Literally every argument the democrats put forward for this type of legislation can be disproved with logic and facts. Unfortunately, too many people vote based on feelings and ignore facts.


Rather than us fight for and defend our belief/ 2a rights, the left should be on the defense on why they are infringing on the Constitution
This is exactly why we constantly need the legislative wings of the NRA and all other pro 2nd amendment organizations. We also need the efforts of every pro 2nd amendment voter to be bending the ears of our relative legislators .... both state and federal.

Right now we (pro 2nd) are at a real disadvantage since the 'other side' has the advantage of the White House, and both houses of congress with a majority in both. And in every/any case of a tie vote that might happen in the senate, the tie is broken by VPOTUS Kamala Harris. Known as the most left leaning, liberal, progressive in congress and probably the most anti-gun and anti-2nd amendment elected official in the country right now.