The Guns of Operation Thunderbolt: Right or Wrong?

A couple of interesting facts:

1. In Israel the operation is knows as Mivtzah Yehonatan (Operation Jonathan), named after the commander who died in the field.
2. Idi Amin made sure to execute 12 of his own soldiers for suspected collaboration with Israel, an elderly Israeli-British lady hostage who was hospitalized along with some doctors and nurses trying to protect their patient, hundreds of Kenyans because Kenya allowed the Israeli C130s to land and refuel there. He truly was the "mad dog" of Africa.
3. The Israeli move is available on YouTube,
. However, this is without subtitles so will be hard for American viewers to watch.
I've watched "Raid on Entebbe" which I thought was well done. An excellent operation that the Israelis pulled off to rescue the Hostages. Unfortunately, the Israeli woman in the hospital was killed afterwards by orders of the coward Idi Amin (and of course the Operation leader killed in the course of executing the operation).