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Important Lounge Update from Staff on 01/06/2021​


Events in our country are happening quickly today. The Staff wants to take a moment to remind everyone of the Forum Rules regarding politics.

1. Politics is NOT allowed except in "The Lounge" and 2A-only politics in "Armed with Knowledge".

2. In "The Lounge" a summary of the stated rule is Politics LITE. We only left LITE in to allow some conversations of general politics. The current situation in the Capital and overall with the end of the election process is NOT Lite. We will be blanket removing posts or threads that try to push this. If one person can't behave, the comment will be removed. If it becomes clear that the entire thread is heading downhill it will be removed. This is not a reflection on the poster of a thread that is allowed to remain up and then comes down later. It is simply housekeeping.

3. "Armed with Knowledge" is 2A SPECIFIC. How the election is going is not 2A. Yes, it affects it but that is clearly not Springfiled's intent with the Section. Joe Biden's specific plans for guns and the 2A, ok. Nancy Pelosi submits bill to increase BATF power, ok. Dirty Democrats are trying to take your guns, not ok.

Some folks in here have it in their head that because they have access to a keyboard and a "public" forum, their 1st Amendment rights outweigh any rules. This is a SPRINGFIELD Corporate Forum and is intended as a place to discuss SPRINGFIELD and how it fits into our world. We've said this many many times; there are hundreds of places for you to go to discuss politics, tell dirty jokes, and express your frustrations, this is not it.

Please be respectful of other members and the company who owns this Forum.


The Armory Life Forum Staff

The Lounge Rules​

Last updated 11/05/2020

We would like to welcome back The Armory Forum members to The Lounge. We have made some major changes to The Lounge and consequently The Armory Life Forum as a whole. We have removed content from The Lounge that violates our updated rules (see below). As part of this process, we have made it so that there are several pages of threads that remain, unlocked and available for comment, so as to not cut off current content. Older pages of The Lounge have been locked down but remain visible as an archive.

Because we deleted around 25% of the content in The Lounge as part of this process, it as a result lowered scores throughout the membership. Based on our observations during the clean-up, this reduction was fairly evenly spread out among membership. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The following supersedes any and all previous rules and/or moderation in The Lounge and are in addition to the general Forum rules.


Whether a comment is topical or not is not a part of The Forum’s rules. This allows for the free flow of conversation. Topicality is, however, used by the Staff to redirect the flow of a thread if we feel it is necessary. Please endeavor to keep some kernel of the original post when commenting.

Topics Allowed for Discussion in The Lounge:

The Lounge is open to general discussion topics that do not violate the rules of the forum. For example, you can discuss World War II, your visit to Pep Boys, how you are feeling today, etc., but not things like non-2A politics, hate speech, etc. Feel free to have some fun in there, but please follow the general topic rules of The Lounge.

Also, topics such as hunting are allowed, but please remember that we are all adults here (no one under 18 is allowed in The Forum). There may be graphic photos in any Hunting-related thread. Viewer discretion is advised, and the moderators reserve the right to remove photos or posts based on their own discretion.

The Lounge is also open to DIY-themed posts. However, Springfield Armory specifically states in each owner’s manual “DO NOT ALTER OR MODIFY YOUR FIREARM.” “Have your firearm serviced regularly by a qualified gunsmith.” These threads are to be for informational purposes only. Failure to follow the instructions outlined in your manual WILL void your warranty and could cause harm or death.

The Lounge Rules

*You are responsible for the content of your posts.

*No hate speech, bullying, or comments regarding race, religion, or sexual preference/identity.

*Keep it civil and polite.

*No foul language.

*No Politics. This applies to political advocacy, general politics, and jokes of a political nature. Political threads regarding 2nd Amendment issues are to be posted in “Armed with Knowledge" and must abide by the rules of that section of the Forum.

*Please report/flag any inappropriate content you may see in other posts as well. The MOD’s can not be everywhere all the time (we even miss things sometimes, human). If a post or comment is blatantly against the rules do not assume it is there with our blessings. Report it and find out.

Additional update to The Forum's main rules:

*Direct message conversations with staff or other members and user generated submissions via the ‘Reports’ link are private. Discussing these private conversations in the public forum without the express consent of all parties involved will lead to review by staff and possible disciplinary action.

*Posts that contain only a link are a violation of the No Spam rule. To better engage members within the forum the posting of links is allowed when the original poster gives their interpretation of content within link. Posts with only a link are vastly more likely to be skipped by the majority of users. A simple description, even just a sentence or two, of the content or a comment on how you feel about it is all that is necessary to start a conversation with your peers.

Welcome back, jump in, and have some fun! We're looking forward to seeing you back in here.
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