The Most Rare Airborne 1911 of All Time?

Being a pilot myself, I've always been fascinated by the evolution of firearms used on aircraft. I can't imagine trying to fly those early planes AND use a 1911 while in an aerial dogfight. It's tough enough flying the modern aircraft of today, let alone try to take out a pilot or plane with a handgun, while dodging the enemy who's trying to take you out as well. Give me an A10 Warthog or a P51 Mustang, then I'll go to war for the USA.
Try reloading this in an aerial dogfight 😬😬

Thank you for a very interesting article. Yes it does raise many questions which will probably never be known. Having an amateur historian interest in small arms development from 1850 to 1920, the Great War, and subsequent arms development for early aircraft fits in that category. All of the experimentation done to fire through the propeller arc, is fascinating to read about. Until the development of a synchronizing gear to allow the gun to fire only when the blade was out of the bullet's path, was the only fool proof answer. Still, the wire wrapped blades and deflector plates were tried and 100% successful solution eluded both sides.

In a way, it's saddening to read, that the general friendliness between pilots on either side, didn't last. Sad to think that one of mankind greatest achievements of the early 20th Century, Flight, became weaponized in a matter of months.
Thank you again for this historical tidbit.