The truth about our guns ............... and our responsibilities surrounding them


This is one of the best articles I've ever read concerning the responsibility of gun ownership, and how that responsibility is so often overlooked and/or dismissed by the anti-gun folks. A really good read:


Good article. A few things in here I think about often. Lots of stories about how "we" handle guns safe, that we may have had family members or friends teach us how to safely do it. We may have spent money on a class. BUT, what about those that haven't had that? Are "they" the problem? "We" are against any sort of training as a prerequisite for ownership. "We" hope people would be smart enough to get training if they haven't had it but what if they aren't? Are we willing to step on their 2nd amendment rights. Ignorance isn't supposed to be a barrier to constitutional freedoms. I often think about the third generation children of drug/welfare abuse. How do you break the cycle? If the parent/guardian wasn't teaching safety, work ethics, responsibility, whatever we feel is missing in our society, then how does the cycle get broken?
I think we are all pretty clear/on the same page about felonious/violent/mentally defective (I hate that term) persons and denial of their second amendment rights.