This is not necessary!

i smell a civil suit...

from the mother of the dead kid in Texas...

A civil suit like that, she's either going to have to pay the lawyer up front or the lawyer will take it on a contingency. I could be wrong but to defend her doesn't look to be wealthy. Unless we find out he's a millionaire there's not a lawyer in the world would take that suit because they'd never get paid
The shooting the guy in the back i have no problem with, you never know when those punks might turn around and start shooting everyone in the place.

The several shots as he lay on the ground and the last one to the head was excessive. Then he left the scene. i would imagine he will be tried for those actions at some time.
According to the article the dead perp was convicted of aggravated robbery in 2015 and served 7 years of a 15 year sentence and was also charged with assaulting his wife before bonding out.

It appears he was a career scumbag that finally got what was coming to him.
The 7 years the robber served of the 15 year sentence was related to a murder that took place during a robbery of another store owner in 2015

The son of the murder victim from 2015 has spoken out by saying something to the effect of justice was finally served.

The funny thing is it appears the media and google has scrubbed any articles related to the 2015 murder.