TikTok Orbeez challenge


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Kids are shooting for the head. I keep seeing it in different stories. I’m horrified for the person that ends up returning fire. They’ll be crucified. But those things can cause permanent damage. The kid in this article was 30’+ away and suffered major vision loss for weeks. The Challenge idiots are doing some of these much closer. And as @Old_Me said, you don’t know if they’re bb’s until it’s too late.

And yes I’m going there; the fact that TikTok is Chinese Party controlled makes my tinfoil hat come off the shelf all by itself.


This is going to end bad, very bad.
You are correct.
Think about it:
How many brand new (inexperienced) gun owners added to the rolls in the past two years?
How many of them carrying (concealed; the kid won’t see it).
Added to the existing base, how many total?
How many of the total have borderline judgement, or anger issues but just haven’t been ‘set off’ yet?

The recipe for trouble is brewing already… One stupid kid that got all his influences from electronic media is all it’ll take to have a tragedy.


a cop does not stop and ask a person holding a gun, if it is real, or a BB/Pellet gun does he?

no, he demands they drop it, or simply returns fire, if fired upon.

i think that would be the natural reaction to any one carrying a concealed or even open carry, to pull out, draw, aim and shoot, all in split second timing.

from a distance, no one, i would believe even a cop of xx number of years, can decipher in a nano second the reality or fakeness of the gun. too many "toy guns" are made to look real.

i'd not chance waiting to ask the punk if it is real or fake.

once i pull out my REAL 9mm, he has 2 choices,

1) fire at me

2) run like the wind.

then hopefully, i'd be able to get a tag number of the car, and call it in.

or.....call for the rescue squad (ambulance in other parts of the country) cuz he's gonna get shot at, and many of you have seen my target practice pics.


Here's the thing. Most of us would see someone pointing or pulling a gun out before they actually shoot because we are aware. So regardless if they were to get a shot off first, we still don't know what they are pointing at us other than it's a gun. So there will be a return shot. With a real gun. And on target. And it will be justified.

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I was lookin at one of those guns at wally world the other day. and yep, someone will get shot and killed over it. Haven't of anyone doing it here yet.


Usually when a LEO shoots a person who has pointed a gun at him and it is found later to not be an actual firearm it is referred to suicide by cop. If a LEO can't determine what is a real or a look-a-like then how could one expect any of us to do better?