Titan ( Tanfoglio GT-27) .25 caliber Magazine


So my neighbor brought me this old Titan .25 that has been obviously sitting neglected for a great many years. I have it in pieces soaking in CLP. It all appeared to operate correctly but there's a lot of pitting and rust, even on the internals. I think it can be put into working order, but it has no magazine. I've looked around on the internet and there are a couple around in the $40 range. Seems to me that's about half what the gun is worth.

I've only had about 10 minutes with the gun so far so I haven't gotten as far as figuring out which particular model it is, but I'm thinking it's probably one of the Florida assembled Zamak frame models. Does anyone here know much about these guns other than after the 1968 gun act banned the importation of the Tanfoglios they began assembling them from parts in Florida? And more importantly does anyone know where I can get a magazine for a reasonable price or if there are other magazines that will work that I can get for a reasonable price?
It's one of the FIE models so used condition is about $50. But the condition this pistol is in it's probably worth less than the magazine. Ironically when I look up parts for it the sum is greater than the total of it's parts. For instance this one has the black plastic checkered grips. They sell for $46 while the original stained walnut grips sell for $19. I'd hate to spend more money on a magazine than the gun is worth and it would especially be a drag if after getting the magazine and cleaning up the gun it didn't work although I believe it does work unless there is some hidden problem like the firing pin or someone dry-firing it to death and screwing up the breech face.

I don't know, I just hate to leave any gun in non working condition.
Well, I stripped the gun down and soaked the parts for a few days in solvent, then, scrubbed it, wiped it all down and soaked it for a few more days in lubricant/penetrant. Then I dried everything real good and gave it all a thin wipe with CLP. Put it all back together, racked the slide ( on safe) and put one round in the chamber. Safety off, trigger pull hit my target at 12'. Field stripped, cleaned and ordered a new OEM magazine for it for $38 shipped.

By the way, this is a FIE " Titan" but it has a steel frame not Zamak. It could use sandblasted and re-blued, but other than that it's in pretty decent shape.