Top 3 Myths About the Second Amendment, Busted!


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"Calmly and politely explaining these facts can go a long way to change someone's mind about the Second Amendment and what it means. Spread the word!"

I don't think that will work, Anni. It has even been tried here on the forum and fell on deaf ears.


Great article. I have always found that the comparisons to the 1st Amendment are the most effective. I have used the technology reference, but I also like to ask, "Would you consider it to be free speech/religion if you were only allowed to speak/pray in your own home, and even then only after receiving a permit from the government?". I would like to use arguments relating to other Amendments, but I honestly think that most people who are anti-gun don't have a working understanding of any Amendment besides the 1st. While gun guys seem to all have a functional understanding of the 4th and 5th Amendment, it seems that an alarming amount of the general public can't even describe them.