Trijicon RMRcc Review: Best Non-OSP Red Dot Sight?

Looks like a nice option, though it would be nice to be able to find another slide that is already cut.
For conceal carry, this option just doesn't look like it would be a good fit. It protrudes way too far off the top of the slide. I think it would increase the printing of the pistol when wearing lighter clothing. Aesthetics wise, it looks out-of-place on the slide. Too tall without a recess. Too wide for that slide. It is a recourse if you want a red dot but I would suspect there will be more aftermarket options for this gun as time goes on. SA sells a lot of them The more they sell, the more the aftermarket industry will cater to that market.
While this is a great idea for competition pistols, I wonder about its usability in a carry/self-defense piece. I have a 1911 rebuild with a set of laser aided sights. I forget the maker but the laser is part of the rear sight and co-witnessed at 25 yards with the u-notch section of the system.* Works for me perfectly, since even if the battery dies the iron rear sight still works and is accurate (as accurate as seventy-year-old eyes will let it be).
*Did this over supports with a spotting scope. Dot was on center of bull and I fiddled with it until 95% of the bullets hit within an inch of it. Works for me and the laser is about an inch low at 13 yards.
While this is a great idea for competition pistols, I wonder about its usability in a carry/self-defense piece.

I agree, my Hellcat is for concealed carry. The more stuff added on decreases it's concealability, and carry options.
I went to price out the RMRcc red dot along with the mounting plate. The adds up to more than the cost of a new Hellcat OSP. I rather purchase a Hellcat OSP which opens the door for lower price red dots.
For a carry gun I would never go without irons. That option replaces the rear sight and completely obscures the front. I don't care if it is a Trijicon, I'm never running a carry pistol with only an optic. Parts fail, and electronics fail first, and when/if my optic fails I want irons there as a backup.

If you have a non-OSP hellcat and want an optic then bite the bullet and have the slide milled to seat the optic properly, and at a level where you can still use your irons. You'll be better off in the long run.
Been down the road of looking into having the slide milled on a non OSP Hellcat. It can’t be done without losing the rear site. The rear site location is more forward in comparison to the OSP version. Yes, will not lose my iron sites. My point is why remove the rear site to fit the mounting plate for a Trijicon Red Dot that cost more than the gun is worth?
Valid concerns all around. There's always the option of using an optic that can serve as the rear iron. Several, like the holosuns, have a sight channel in the housing, which isn't quite the same but it's better than nothing.