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Hey all. Been doing some cheating on my SAs and been having a ton of fun with my p229. The DA/SA is great. Has me journeying down a path of a DA/SA EDC. Sure I could carry my p229 but I been exploring the lists and with inventory and pricing coming back to reality, I thought I would give something else a try. All personal opinions welcome in:

-P2000sk v3
- P30SK v3
- Px4
- CZ Rami

I know there are other larger ones out there but while I was zoning in on the P30SK mostly because price (some fair 599 deals out there, and can’t find a P2000sk in v3).

then…I ran into the discontinued RAMI. Still not cheap, but I was thinking about taking the plunge. Seems like the same size and form of the HKs I was zeroing in on.

thoughts and other suggestions welcome.


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I had a CZ Rami years ago, good gun, but in my opinion, it was a little bulky, but it functioned shot well, brother ended up with it


I purchased a Beretta PX4 Storm Compact when my kids were little because I wanted a gun with an external safety. I was a police officer at the time, and the PX4 became my daily off-duty carry gun. The PX4 is a bit bulky, but it has always been 100% reliable and very accurate. The rotating barrel supposedly reduces recoil, which is very mild (I think this has as much to do with weight as the barrel, but that's just my 2 cents). I put a lot of rounds through the PX4 during qualifications and training days and have nothing negative to say about the gun.


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I have the CZ 2075 BD RAMI, and Beretta PX4 Storm in 40 cal. Both nice, but a bit heavy. I use to carry the RAMI in a Crossbreed Freedom carry IWB holster that only has the one belt clip. With the RAMI’s weight, I found one clip didn’t support the gun if you needed to loosen the pants for any reason.
Other possibilities for your consideration that I own besides the Sig P226, are the Beretta 92FS Compact (a bit larger than the RAMI), and the SA XDe (but it’s a single stack). I find them all to be good firearms. I also own the AREX Zero compact that is very similar to the P226.


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Thank you all. Seems like everyone thinks it’s pretty chubby…the HKs are pretty much the same. The all alloy is an appeal at the same weight but now that it’s discontinued not sure if it’s a good thing or bad.

Also, been looking at the specs against my 229. Not that much bigger. Totally first world problems here, but really wish there was a better DA/SA in a small hellcat like package…