Ultimate Shooting Glasses?

You should contact Logitech and explain your issues.
This issue has been known for some time, It's either them, or OBS that's the problem.

I hope you start feeling better and are able to start becoming more mobile to do more great podcasts on firearms and gear.
I hope to be able to move a bit better in the next week or so, so I'll be working on a lot of stuff at that time.

Perhaps I could get something for the armory life set up, skype members in or people interested. Who knows.
I'm headed down that route in a few more years, most likely, with my right ankle.

I won't sugar coat it, it's a long and painful recovery. Can't put weight on it for 28 days. This is my third ankle surgery. Both are now replaced. The left one feels great other than a bit of stiffness. After 12 weeks it's not too bad. In the end, it was worth it. My ankles are simply gone. The cartilage had chondral fissures right to the bone. And yes, that's my ankle.
ankle replaced.jpg
^ I'm not necessarily dreading it, but I'm definitely not looking forward to it, either. 😅

I screwed it up by not having taken care of it when I was younger. Live and learn, right? 😝

Wish you a speedy recovery, bruddah.