US joins Germany in sending battle tanks to Ukraine

I thought Patton was the one that wanted to go after Russia and everyone else was against him. That was the reason why they pulled Patton out of Europe.

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Patton said after Germany surrendered that while we had our military in Europe, we should go ahead and attack the Soviets. He believed we would have to fight them at some point. We were on the brink of another world war with them until Reagan policies bankeupted them. The fact is that we did fight their proxies in Vietnam and with our proxies in Afghanistan and countless clandestine skirmishes all over the world.
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Since my post garnered a couple of wows? I’ll explain my comment.

If no matter how much military hardware we give to Ukraine, and Russia eventually is victorious and occupies the country I don’t believe it’s a good idea having our military hardware secrets left to be scrutinized.

My opinion.
Not to mention the billions of dollars we keep sending over there when our county's economy is in shambles.
OMG was he driving when the wreck happened?

I read a couple biographies on Patton. He was all warrior and was contemptous of politics. I cite him as an example of an extraordinary leader that we desperately need in war but is not tolerated in peacetime.
No. I wish I could find out where they both were when he drove for him. I don't remember the circumstance that brought them together? I've only met 1 of her brothers, but not the 1 who drove.
Keystone 1925, That is a very good concern. But we will not lose "our edge" on a battlefield in Ukraine. The technology you are seeing in Ukraine is far from new. They have all been deployed around the world. Patriot, HIMARS, TOW, M777, M113, Switchblade, NASAMS, Harpoon, Stinger, Javelin. All of these have been used for years. All have been used by countries other than the US. All of them are well understood and copied by our enemies.

The M777 Guns we supplied to Ukraine lack the latest targeting computers. Same, for most of the more modern weapon systems we are giving them. The items we are supplying them are good but do not have our "next war near peer modifications or designs".

Where we are, loosing, is in the technologies being designed today, that we are losing to China. Bothe friend and foe, in other countries, we are all are being robbed by China. We in the US in our universities, and all sectors of our industries.

We have concerns of people in Government and the civil sector selling out to the Chinses Communist Party and our Government refusing to even investigate. Members of Congress have been possibly compromised by China. It is ignored by our Government and our Leaders. American Companys have been giving away manufacturing technologies in exchange for short term profits. China and its Silk Road is robbing the world. All one has to do is look at the weapons China is starting to field, the Aircraft they are flying. An example is their main cargo aircraft, it looks like a clone of our C17! Their new Aircraft Carriers Magnetic catapults for launching aircraft, is a state of art technology! China, in no way should have been able to duplicate this early in their ship building. So, is anyone investigating HOW they could have obtained this? Anyone following the money trail flowing out of China into people in our country? Could it be, too many leaders have been bought off?

Keystone 1925 your concern is commendable and a correct concern. I only wish we could solve the China problem. I myself do not think supplying Ukraine will make us weaker. If anything, we will learn how, and what, to improve in our systems.
+$160 billion in assorted aid, and the Admin says “as long as it takes” sounds like our involvement just keeps deeper. It’s reported that all the promised tanks US/Germ are many months away from ever arriving. Junior varsity chess match and scrawny chest puffing posturing…from Joe & Lloyd?

I believe Russia hasn’t even scratched the surface when comes to fire power. I’m not a military expert or can say I’ve been following the battle plan advancements and gains or losses on either side. But feel Russian aircraft and drone use has been intentionally held back.

The war of words and interpretations will continue - that‘s mostly rhetoric and instigation coming from the WH than anywhere else and I believe unwavering support stems more from a corrupt partnership with Familia JB Inc. and a batch Ukraine oligarchs than it does from unresolved Russia/Ukraine territorial control.

On the other end of the rhetoric, “…deliveries of battle tanks by the US would be a 'another blatant provocation', Anatoly Antonov, Russia's ambassador …'It is obvious that Washington is purposefully trying to inflict a strategic defeat on us,' Antonov said,…’'American tanks will be destroyed by our military in the same way all other samples of Nato equipment are being destroyed,'.

Months away from further escalation and U.S./Nato involvement. In the meanwhile in Ukraine says keep sending unaccountable money while we await those armaments, we’re cleaning up corruption that pilfered the last $50 billion.
I do not think even Putin will employ nukes. I think it is in our best interests for Ukraine as well as Sweden and Finland to join NATO. The combined resources of the 30 plus NATO countries can sustain Russia's expenditures indefinitely and drain their resources to the point of bankrupting them. Or for Russian leadership to remove Putin. I suspect he is destined for a Makarov round behind the ear at some point if cancer doesn't take him first. Russia needs to be relegated to barking dog status so we can focus on the dragon.
Why not, we left it all in Afghanistan.

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Report: Putin and Taliban Negotiating Sale of US Arms Left Behind by Biden in Afghanistan​


I knew it.
No M1 Abrams were left in Afghanistan, no M1 Abrams by our troops were left for ISIS in NW Iraq & Syria.

70%+ of the military aid $$ goes to US companies to replace the old stock we're sending to UKR. The rest is Military Finance Aid to NATO & other countries to compensate them for sending mil aid to UKR but MFA requires those countries to replace that equipment with US equipment. The same MFA aid that goes to UKR has the same requirements.

Ukrainians dying for their freedom everyday. Not asking for foreign troops just the stuff they need to fight back.

Those who forget history are destined to repeat it.

Folks forget the Russians flew Mig-15s against us in Korea, and supplied the NVA & Viet Cong with weapons in Vietnam.

In the mean time...

The Pentagon can't account for $200 billion in their budget.

$360 billion in Covid fraud, $55 Billion to Africa to by solar panels & windmills (fat chance since 99.99999% of Africa is corrupt), plus Billions of $$ in welfare, unemployment fraud, and Green New Deal fraud in the last 3 years.

No "tanks" to the POTUS for the crap happening on the southern border & the millions of illegals & "get-away" criminals coming to a town near you. Easy fixes there proven by the previous POTUS.
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Personally, I think it was a big mistake to give Ukraine any military assistance, it’s non of our business, we need to look after ourselves and quit being the worlds police. Let them take care of themselves…..the more we give them, the less we have to protect ourselves
Why do you think people were so mad at Donald Trump! He wasn't going to back any nato and this country was done with it! I agree! P I S S on nato!
Trump never said he wsn't going to back NATO, he said that they needed to meet their obligation for having 2% of their GDP going to defense. He wanted to kick the free-loaders into action. And he was right about Russia.

Merkel (who was a member of the E. German Communist Party, speaks fluid Russian and acknowledged she was a friend to Putin) gutted the German military & sold Germany on being dependent on Russian NG.