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My brother and I were on the phone talking the other night (we live at opposite ends of the state), and we were discussing vacuum sealing and freeze-drying various foods. Off the top of my head I mentioned hearing about all of the boating accidents occuring lately, and the loss of firearms. The subject of long-term storage came up also. You know, in case there comes a time where you might put them away for awhile, and I wondered if the Food Saver brand of vacuum sealers we both have would actually take a complete vacuum on an AR.

Today, after I finished vacuum sealing some chicken, I put the question to the test. It works! 😎
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Wonder, how long will the vacuum hold when not in a freezer..... when I do cereal it doesn't seem to
hold all that long......
Don't know about the duration when not in a freezer, but it's effectively impervious to water intrusion, short of being punctured/cut/torn somehow.

Maybe I should have left it sealed for a few days, just to see if it stays that way.
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I wonder about space bags. They work well for clothing and are big enough.

PVC, glue and primer and cosmoline can be a PITA.
Good point about the space bags. My wife has a couple of quilts that are in space bags, and they are still "shrunk" as far as I know. Got my curosity up now, and will have to ask her where she has them stored so I can check them.
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