Video Release (Stay Alert)

Why release it on a Friday night? You know all it does is gives the protesters more time all weekend to riot, burn and loot…… makes no sense, doesn’t even actually need to be released, well all know what happened, all this will do is get most in an uproar!
Agreed. It doesn’t need to be released, it’s like we as humans want to see what the lowest form of life can do to another human being.
Releasing BWC video on Friday night gives the downtown areas working class time to get out and get home which includes vehicular and public transportation peak hours. Its SOP some for public safety and some to thwart front page controversy.

Also, gives the peaceful protestors that actually have jobs (teachers, organizers, libs) time of go home, change outfits, don masks, get torches, pitchforks, spray paints, umbrellas and something to fling. That’s if they need a reason to act up.

Furthermore, city cleanup crews work only Mon-Fri so the destruction impact will remain Sat-Sun for full visual effect for narrative and agenda promoting as MSM highlights another social justice encounter and tragedy perpetrated upon someone who… Didn’t Do Nothing™️.
I don’t think this incident will see a widespread outrage, local, probably, but we’ll see how and who stirs up the pot.

As for BeetleJuice….she’ll find another excuse and maybe some other Columbus statue or branded signage to confiscate on Monday morning.

And for San Fran…all clear when they released the BWC of the mallet shellacking.
My take on these “officers” was they let their egos control their emotions, as reported they were originally part of a special gang unit known as the (scorpions) so they probably felt they were untouchable.

I haven’t seen the video and will most likely avoid watching it as I am honestly disgusted enough with the current state of human behavior being displayed in today’s society especially by those that MUST hold themselves to a higher standard.
If you watch the video, you can see the pole camera being remotely moved, got to wonder who's doing that and why they also didn't stop it.
well....i saw all 4 videos, however, i did miss the first 4 minutes, at the traffic stop itself, and the kid running away.

from what i gathered, the cops tried yanking him from the car.

he ran, he feared for his life, and many of the desk anchors some of who are black said, they'd have run too.

i think it was said that the pole camera was on some sort of motion detector?

maybe i heard wrong, so IF there was a person at the control? why didn't THAT person call for a supervisor?

it was a very galling last video, from above that pole.

when anyone is hurt, 1 minute seems like 1 hour

that young man was in terrible pain for well over 30 minutes, going into and out of consciousness. a well known doctor a neurosurgeon, Dr. Gupta, said the young man's brain had already started to swell..

to this day, i try to respect the job of the police, as it is an incredibly difficult job. i do believe there are more GOOD cops, than rouge cops. the conversations they were having with each other, for all that time, suggested they were trying to get their "stories straight" for their actions.

in the end, a young man was brutally beaten, and for a reason or reasons we do not know.

he NEVER tried reaching for any officers gun, he NEVER displayed a gun or other weapon. the videos CLEARLY showed that.

i seriously hope each rouge cop is found guilty, and sent off to prison, where someday, i can only hope, they each meet a fate 1,000 times MORE painful than Tyre Nichols ever went through.

it was heart-wrenching even for someone like me, at my age and jaded at times, and painful to watch the city councilman breakdown on live tv, trying to answer some questions from a reporter.