What Is a Pistol Caliber Carbine?

You never once mentioned the M1 Carbine with the .30 Carbine (pistol cartridge). I have 4 converted M1 Carbines in 9mm Winchester Magnum, 10mm Magnum, .45 Winchester Magnum and the .50 Action Express. These are great and terrific compared to 9mm Luger and .45ACP Carbines. No one has mentioned making a Carbine using the 10mm Auto. Wonder why. With a 180gr bullet, it outclasses the .45 ACP considerably. Then there are the Carbine versions of the AR-15 family with the .45 Professional (what the 450 Bushmaster was supposed to be) with 185-grain bullets at 3,600 fps and 230-grain bullets at 3,000 fps). Those are PISTOL bullets at HYPER velocity by comparison and designed for MAXIMUM weight bullets of 230 grains. These cartridges are improving today due to the solid copper projectiles. There is a .30 cal longer version of the 30 Carbine that is longer than the BLACKOUT and it is the .30 Tsunami for the AR-15 class and with a 123-grain bullet it is over 2,800 fps and puts the AK-47 to shame yet still an intermediate cartridge. The Ballistic Machinist makes great bullets that do not over penetrate and his 9mm should be excellent for the 9mm Winchester Magnum cartridge with a full energy dump.
You never once mentioned the M1 Carbine with the .30 Carbine (pistol cartridge). {snip}

I would kindly disagree that the .30 carbine is a "pistol cartridge". The article above states that a Pistol Caliber Carbine: A pistol caliber carbine is a rifle chambered for a cartridge typically associated with a handgun. The .30 carbine is by design and designation a light rifle or "carbine" cartridge. Although handguns have been chambered for the .30 carbine, those were after the fact.