What & The Why: RED ALERT!


Master Class
Good read on the what and the why ......red alert

Thanks for sharing a good article Anni,
Great short explanatorily read on conditional/situational awareness.
Very good intent info to pass onto others who are not aware of meanings.
Never remember seeing blue charted before though.

Colors can take on quick meanings faster than words alone.
Many people naturally have color chart imbedded in their minds.

For example:
White/yellow - usually considered fairly calm, open, peaceful. - Think white dove of peace?
Black - can cause depression, seriousness, morbidity, inclusion, tactfulness. - Think black reaper of death?
Unintentionally - "Peace keepers" dressed in black can send mixed messages to observers like the "*Redcoats" did?
*Red was used by Brits so blood didn't show so easily on uniforms. But, thinking it may have back fired and ticked off a few colonists instead, why? Cool factor?