What’s in the Vaultek?! Big Promotion from Springfield!


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We’ve got a couple of weeks before the big reveal. Plenty of time for you to follow the link and sign up. I 100% guarantee you are going to want this! Consider that these have gone out to a huge number of Springfield dealerships. Something special lurks inside!

So what do y’all think is inside the Vaultek???
Nearest location for me is Miami... I don't go to Miami for nothing, not really part of Freedom Florida. ;)

But I'm thinking properly a Hellcat Pro package.

But would like a Waypoint 2020 which I can't find anywhere.
My closest is Orlando, so only a 45 min trip but I’m not eligible 😥
Are the dealers in this promotion too far away?
Don't worry, we've already entered you for a chance to win an online-only giveaway package. Feel free to close this page and we'll let you know via email if you've won the package!