Which AR mags do you run?


I am partial to Hex mag, love them. Have P-Mags and also like Mission First mags. Still have a bunch of metal mags.


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As there are many manufacturers out there now making AR-15 5.56 magazines which ones do you use? Which ones have you tested by various means, and have been reliable? I personally like the Hex-Mags and P-Mags.
I'm new to the rifle gig, but sticking with the recommended (by all my more knowledgeable friends) Magpul P-Mags in a mix of 10 and 30 round, and G2 and G3. All have performed perfectly. As to longevity, only time will tell!


Do any of you have a recommendation for metal magazines?


I wanna try a steel mag but I dont know what brand to try?

Please check out my reply earlier in this thread:

@benstt , I'd recommend Surefeed magazines, new, as well as those made by D&H (BCM/Brownells/PSA/DSG - these are all D&H mags).

@MHamilton , steel is pretty heavy and usually isn't most shooter's first choice: not sure if you meant aluminum (if so, please see what I wrote to benstt above), but if you did mean what you wrote, HK and E-Landers are going to be your best bets.

If you guys want to try just to try - or would like to spread the joy by stocking up when the buying's good - absolutely, have fun! :)

But remember that each of these magazines - including the polymer and hybrid ones - come with their own compromises/shortcomings.

I personally like the idea of the windowed mags but I’m partial to PMags for now.

^ You know, I thought that I'd like windowed mags, too, but as I started shooting more, I started to realize that I could actually get a pretty good "feel" for how many rounds are left in the gun, simply by its heft and how it handles. Definitely not in a "for-certain" way, of-course, but it was reasonably easy to anticipate a slide/bolt-lock reload coming up, when the gun starts to "feel light."

Where I really find high value in windowed or otherwise see-through magazines (like the Lancer or ETS) is during administrative loading, particularly for drills where students are instructed to load a specified number of rounds. Being able to see makes it easier to socialize with my fellow students while I stuff mags. :)
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