WhisperLite Stove Review — Emergency Survival Cooking Tutorial

Nice article, but the title is slightly misleading in my opinion. Not really an emergency cooking tutorial as much as it is a camping cooking tutorial. I guess it could be extrapolated to an emergency situation if one had the requisite freeze dried meals on hand.

But that's just an opinion.
Have been using Whisperlite stoves for decades. Classic, good stoves & keep the fuel bottle pressure up, and if the seals dry out, they can start becoming problematic, so always have a replacement kit available.
I used Whisperlites for 13 years professionally, and probably 25 years recreationally. Mostly the International model, and we ran all kinds of janky gas in other countries through those stoves. They are solid, and easy to take apart and clean when needed. As @Talyn said, have a few extra o-rings, etc. on hand.