Wife Didn't Like It So I Kept It......

Last week I purchased my wife another handgun for carr, a Ruger Max 9; she owns two, a Taurus GX4 and a Springfield 911 9mm, in which I also bought. Well she didn't like it, she really didn't have a reason other than she just didn't like the look and feel of it (so she thought). No problem it was her loss, I decided to keep it and threw a red dot on it, a CT Rad Micro, which by the way is a great one. Now that she's witnessed me carrying the setup to my liking, she suddenly likes it. Well too bad for her, she'll have to go buy her own now. By the way too me it isn't as snappy as it's competitors, and it shoots great.

My girlfriend was carrying an old Ruger LC9 when we first got together. Those are not great. Horrible trigger. I bought her a Springfield 911. She didn't like it. Then I bought her a S&W Airweight. She couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it. Then I bought her a Ruger LCP Max. She likes that one. Of course, the other guns are now in my safe and getting plenty of use from me. :cool:

I didn't even offer her my Sig. That's MINE! 😁


Of course nobody has bought thier good lady a gun you "thought" she would like knowing it would be yours a week later,Kate doesn't shoot that often I did try it once but just got the "look" so that didn't work lol
The woman in my life who likes guns, keeps claiming mine as hers when she turns 21. 😩😟🧐🧐
Wife could care less about guns, but my daughter is picking up the slack for both of them. She claimed the Sig 320 Max “for starters” as she puts it