wilson combat modules.

Belt Fed

Changed the module on my 320 compact, this one has a bigger grip and allows the bigger mags than the compact module. colors don’t quite match the way i wanted but it’ll work. shoulda went with the gray. i will on my m17 when they come out with it.

I went with their tan module. Worked well on my M17 .. see pic a post before this
May be what i do too, i emailed them a while back and ask when they were going to have the grey for the manual safety m17. they have it for the none manual. they said they can do it but will cost an extra 25 bucks for the cutout. i'll give it a little while to see if the come out with one.

they added the green and gray in a couple others. I have a few FDE handguns, was just shooting for something different.
I noticed that I had to change a few of my base plates. The older ones would not fit into mag well.


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So how do these work ? You guys are calling them "Grip Module". It appears it's an entire frame. So you have to strip the guts out of the original and put them in the WC frame ?
There are certain models of Sig that are modular in design. The military wanted a modular model and chose Sig M17 an M18 for them.
The FCU (Fire Control Unit) is easily removed and is the only part with a serial number.
This means you can change so many parts to ones personal desires with the same FCU
In this case, the grip module, you easily remove the FCU and in a few second put it in new Grip module.

This is a huge benefit for us uses who love to make all type of changes for our personal desires.

Research Military pistols M17-M18 and read why they chose them.
Call them whatever you want
Don't get snippy with me pally. :ROFLMAO:

Ah, I see the pictures. That's pretty cool. I mean if you look inside something like a VP9. All the crap inside that frame would take an hour and half to get out of there. Then you'd lose 4 or 5 springs and end up at a gunsmith trying to get it all put back in there. Modular system makes sense. I reckon there are no disadvantages performance wise to this sort of design ? How much do these grip modules cost ?

I guess swapping slides ( for whatever reason) in effect means buying a new firearm ?