Worst Machine Gun of All Time?

I just saw an American Rifleman TV show where this weapon was discussed. In addition to the mud jamming the weapon, the ported over-the-barrel shield was made of aluminum and didn't dissipate heat very well, causing the barrel to swell, resulting in more jams. The limited number of rounds in the mag required a second soldier to accompany the gunner to load mags and change barrels. The show's hosts weren't too enthusiastic about this weapon.
One word:

When folks in firearms community speak of country of manufacture, France has got a bad reputation. Their firearms in general have always been mediocre at best.

I really disagree with that.

Ever handled a Manhurin revolver? Or a MAS49? They are very solid, well engineered weapons. Definitely not mediocre.

That being said—the Chauchat was, truly, a POS...but the US has fielded more than a few of those, as well.