XD-E: Your First Carry Gun

I had one of these in .45 ACP not my first carry gun but I carried it off and on for a year. It was a good shooter.
Last night, I read an article on Lucky Gunner's site in which he said he had gone back to a DA/SA pistol. He had several reasons, but safety was definitely on the list.

Reading articles like the one linked makes me think maybe I am not crazy afterall. :)
I had one, the DA trigger reach was too long for me, finding myself carrying C&L, so I rather carry a 1911 then, traded for a Sig 365, now looking for a XDs II in 9mm so I can use the XDe magazines I have.
I know this is basically an ad, but I can't endorse an DA/SA pistol as someone's 'first carry gun'. That manual safety requires hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of practice to master.

Someone's first carry gun should not have a manual safety; a striker fired pistol like a Glock 19, XD9, etc is a much better choice in my experience.